Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Package

Stacy plopped down on her overstuffed couch with a carton on Ben and Jerry's and flipped through the channels trying to find the hockey game. Just as she found the channel and opened her carton of chocolate chip cookie dough there was a knock on her apartment door. She went to the door and looked through the peep hole, it was just the guy from next door that had been her best friend since the day that she moved in 3 years ago.

"Hey Brent, are you here to watch the game with me?"

"I wish I was just wondering if you would be around tomorrow?"

"Yeah, what do you need?" Stacy replied after she mentally checked her schedule.

"I have a package that will be delivered could you sign for it?"

"Yeah not a problem." Stacy said without hesitation. They did this all the time, she was surprised that he even asked. Over half the time she forgot to ask him, but instead just put a note on her door that directed the delivery man to Brent's apartment. "You know I don't mind signing for your deliveries, just don't forget to place a note on your door before you leave."

"Thanks so much Stacy you are awesome. Well enjoy your game I have to get some sleep it is going to be a long day at the office tomorrow. " Brent said as he turned to go back to his apartment.

Stacy curled back on the couch just in time to see a great slap shot that found its way to the back of the net. She felt great not only was her favorite hockey team up by 2 goals halfway through the second period, but she had just finished a young adult novel that she was sure was going to land her an attractive contract with a local publisher. The only thing that was still missing in her life was a tall dark and handsome man sharing this wonderful life with her. She had dated off and on since she was 16 but none of the guys ever seemed like marriage material. Now she was 25 and like her sister kept reminding her she wasn't getting any younger. Stacy knew what she wanted when it came to a man and so far none of the men that had walked into her life fit the bill. She wanted a man that would listen to her, had goals, and most importantly wasn't afraid to take her across his knee and spank her hard when she had been naughty or whenever he felt like it. She knew one of these days she would meet a guy that was a spanko, but until then she was satisfied to be single.

The next day was just like any other she got up late and was just about to start in on a big bowl of cereal when there was a knock on her door. It was the delivery man, she signed for the package and the delivery man was on his way. After she closed the door she examined the package. It was a plain brown box that just had Brent's name and address on it, there wasn't a return address. She thought that was a bit odd. The box was pretty long and was only about an inch and a half thick, but was surprisingly heavy. Her mind started trying to guess what was in the box, but she couldn't think of anything that would fit in this size box and weigh as much as this did. She placed the box on the chair next to the door and figured she would ask Brent what was in the box when he came to pick it up.

She went about her day as normal as she could, but her mind and eyes kept going back to the package that was still sitting on the chair. She finally got up and reexamined the package. This time she noticed that the package was just held together with clear packing tape. The same kind that she had in her desk drawer, she figured she could open it see what it was and then tape it back up and Brent would never be the wiser. She knew that she shouldn't be so curious but she couldn't help herself. Stacy carefully cut the the tape and before she knew it she had the box open. She couldn't believe her eyes. inside the box was a beautiful solid oak paddle. Her mind raced how had she not noticed that Brent was a spanko!

She swept her fingers across its beautiful glossy finish. It was a beautiful hand crafted paddle, she had dreamed of a paddle like this slamming across her bare ass. Just as she was turning the paddle over and over in her hands there was a knock on her door. She looked over at the clock it was 7pm. Her mind raced knowing that Brent was standing just outside her door and here she was snooping. He knocked again she tried to get the paddle back into the box and was just crossing her living room when Brent knocked again. She knew that she should call out and say that she was coming, but she couldn't find her voice. She opened her desk drawer and found her tape she was just about to start taping back up the package when she heard Brent start to unlock her apartment with the key that she had given him about 2 years ago. The door slowly opened Stacy couldn't move.

Brent was surprised to open Stacy's apartment and see the lights on and she was there. "Hey, why didn't you answer the door?" he said as he crossed the room to where Stacy was standing frozen the the same pose that she had been in when he opened the door. Then he saw exactly why she hadn't answered the door. "What the hell are you doing? Why are you going through my package? I thought that I could trust you?" He was furious and embarrassed, how was he going to explain to Stacy why he had bought a paddle.

Stacy's face was completely red she couldn't figure out how she was going to get out of this one and still have her best friend. "I am sorry Brent" she began. "I just got so curious at what was in the box, I am sorry, but my curiosity got the best of me."

"I don't get it Stacy that was my package it had my name on it, why did you go through my things. I would never ever think about going through any of the packages that you have delivered to my place." Brent said as he grabbed the box away from her hands.

"I am so sorry Brent I have no idea what came over me and how I can ever make things right between us again." Stacy said with tears coming down her face. Brent was her best friend and frankly her only friend that she really felt really comfortable with. Then she thought about it and decided that she would offer her bottom. "Brent, I shouldn't have gone through your package I am so sorry, but I think that the only way that I think this should be dealt with is by you using your new paddle to teach me a lesson about going through your things."

Brent couldn't believe what he was hearing, she just asked him to spank her. He just about had to pinch himself. This was a dream come true Stacy was constantly smarting off to him and then prancing around in front of him in pants that showed off her bubble butt that just screamed spank me. "I think that is exactly what you need young lady" Without another word Brent grabbed her arm and pulled her over to the couch and placed her over his knee. Then without a moment of hesitation he pulled her sweat pants and panties down in one swift motion. Then he raised the paddle and brought it down on her ass.

Stacy couldn't believe how much it hurt as he brought it down over and over again in practically the same place then she felt the paddle coming down in the lower section of her ass over and over again. She started crying out with every swat. Brent didn't let up until she was crying so hard that she was having a hard time breathing. He let her up and gave her a hug and told her that all was forgiven. Stacy couldn't believe how much her bottom hurt, but she couldn't help but wonder how this was going to change their casual friendship. Was this the start of a wonderful relationship?

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Playing Matchmaker

Angela peered over her computer screen to see Emily arriving half an hour late as usual. Angela shook her head, Emily was constantly late for work and no one ever seemed to care. Angela knew that if she was late for work even if her boss didn't notice or care she would have to confess it to her husband who would paddle her bottom so long and hard that she wouldn't be able to sit comfortably the next day.

Emily was a single 20 something young lady that had a bit of a wild side. She knew that she needed to start settling down, but she wasn't done having fun. Her entire childhood was spent being a proper young lady. Her parents had very strict rules and any form of disobedience was dealt with by being bent over the edge of her bed and getting her dad's belt across her bottom. That belt had kept her in line for the 18 years that she lived with them, but as soon as she was 18 she decided that enough was enough and she bolted.

Emily turned on her computer and pulled out the files that she needed to finish working on today. Angela stared at Emily thinking about how much she needed a guy that would spank her every time she stepped out of line. Just then she got a great idea, she was going to set Emily up on a blind date with her husbands younger brother, David. David like his older brother Ron was a firm believer in domestic discipline.

Angela quickly shot an e-mail off to David to see if he was interested in a blind date. She briefly described Emily's physical features which were most guys idea of a dream girl. Emily was slender, long legged, and had beautiful long blonde hair. She also casually mentioned that she may need a little discipline in her life. After she sent the e-mail off she decided that she should go over to Emily's desk and see how she felt about a blind date, but before she could go over there David replied back with an e-mail that practically screamed yes. She hurried over to Emily's desk and quickly described her plan leaving out the part about David being into domestic discipline. Emily thought that it sounded fun and she would be willing to give David a shot.

Angela practically skipped back to her desk so proud of herself for setting this all up. Once back at her desk she e-mailed David back with Emily's e-mail address and wished him luck. Then she turned her attention to her work for the rest of the day. On her way out the door at the end of the day Emily stopped her and told her that her and David and decided to go tonight after they both got off work. Angela smiled and told her to have fun.

The next day Angela was really surprised when she got to work and saw that Emily was already sitting at her desk and working. This had never happened, she quickly went over to her friends desk to see how her date with David went last night. Emily was all smiles as she went on and on about how David was exactly the guy that she had been looking for and how they had already planned a second date for this weekend. Angela was very happy that her friend so happy with David. When she got to her desk she shot an e-mail off to David to see if he was just as smitten with Emily as she was with him. He replied about an hour later echoing exactly what Emily had said, but at the end of his e-mail he added a PS that asked: How comfortably is Emily sitting this morning? Angela was taken back for a second that David had actually gotten a chance to spank her on the first date and that Emily was looking forward to seeing him again after getting a spanking on the first date. Angela watched Emily as she returned to her desk after getting up to refill her coffee. Then much to Angela's amazement she saw the familiar wince as Emily sat back down at her desk. Angela e-mailed David back telling him that she was definitely still feeling the spanking that he gave her last night.

Even though her bottom was still throbbing Emily smiled to herself as she thought about what had transpired last night. David and her had gone out for drinks, but as soon as she told David about her habit of being late for work he told her that wasn't acceptable and she had joked with him that he should spank her. He then surprised her when he said that if she was serious about him spanking her he would take her back to his place and give her a spanking for being late for work. She remembered how her stomach knotted up she had been daydreaming about this moment for so long that she didn't know how to respond at first, but eventually was able to squeak out a yes. David had then taken her back to his house and didn't waste anytime telling her to put her nose in the corner and think about why she was about to get the spanking of her life. He then went to his bedroom to get his wooden hairbrush and the thickest leather belt that he owned. When he joined her back in the living room he set up a chair in the middle of the room and sat down. He then called her over to his side and guided her over his knee. He didn't waste anytime scolding her but instead used all his energy to spank her bottom over her thin floral skirt then he flipped it up and pulled her panties down and spanked her more with his hand on her bare ass. He then decided to switch to the hairbrush which caused her to yelp with each stroke. After her ass was deep red he told her to stand up and place her hands on the seat of the chair. She remembered how she had quickly done as he had ordered. He then swung the belt against her ass over and over again. She still could remember the intense pain that each stroke caused her poor bottom. Then she remembered how after he was done spanking her he had held her until she was done crying and how gently he had messaged her sore bottom. She then came back to reality thinking how she couldn't believe that there was a man out there that would spank her just how she had daydreamed for as long as she could remember.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Waiting For a Punishment

“You had better be on your best behavior, young lady, or there will be serious consequences when we get home. Have I made myself clear?”

“Yes, sir.”

That warning was long forgotten as Brad gave Christy's bottom a warning swat. The two of them had been down in the basement of his parents' home alone. Brad had been working on their computer, and he had been asking Christy to do very easy tasks that would help him get this job done faster, but the only thing that Christy seemed interested in doing was looking through his family's photo albums.

Every time he asked her to do something, she would give him a dirty look or roll her eyes, and this last time, she was brazen enough to say “Can't you just do that yourself?” After he delivered the warning swat, he looked at her surprised face and sternly said “Remember the conversation that we had in the car?” Knowing that he was going to have to follow through on that threat, she replied “yes, sir”, quietly so that his parents couldn't hear the word “sir” if they were listening.

They went about the rest of the day's activities without the need for any more warning swats. Around seven, as they finished with dessert, Brad rose from the couch and said “Well, we really should get going before it gets much later.”

The goodbyes were said quickly and then they were on their way back to Brad's apartment. Christy sat in the passenger seat, staring out the window thinking and wishing that the drive was shorter and that she could just get the punishment over right then. She hated feeling like there was a wall between them.

“Are you okay? You're being really quiet over there,” Brad quietly asked.

“You know very well why I am being quiet. I hate waiting for my punishments,” Christy snapped.

She knew that she shouldn't have snapped like that, but that was how she felt. They drove along in silence for about half an hour and then Brad turned off the highway and into a rest stop.

“Why are we stopping?,” Christy asked, looking at him for the first time since they had pulled out of his parents' driveway.

“We are stopping because you don't want to wait for your punishment, and because that attitude of yours needs to be adjusted. I will not tolerate you snapping at me like that,” he said as he pulled into a parking spot that was secluded somewhat from the other cars.

“Please get me your hairbrush,” he said as he turned the car off.

Christy reached onto the floor and grabbed her purse, unzipping it slowly before reaching in and grabbing the hairbrush for him.

“I'll take that,” he said, holding out his hand. She shoved it into his hand, not at all thrilled with the idea of taking her punishment in the car where there was a remote chance that someone could see her, even though the parking lot only had two other cars in it and there was no reason that any other car would be driving down to the end of the parking lot that they were parked.

“Wow, young lady, you really do need that attitude adjusted; I would think that anyone who knew that they were moments away from getting their ass beaten would try their best to not make the person holding the implement any more upset, but you don't seem to have grasped that concept. Hopefully after I am done severely paddling your ass with this hairbrush, you will think differently. Please remove your pants and panties and kneel on your seat facing the back.”

Christy quietly did as she was told. When she was in the position that he had requested, he adjusted the back of the seat a bit so that the angle was a little more suitable and then began firmly spanking her backside with his hand. After what was probably about three minutes of steady strokes with his hand, he picked up the hairbrush and firmly pressed it against her bottom.

“Okay, young lady, I am going to turn on my iPod and I am going to spank you for the full length of three songs; after that we will be done as long as you have behaved. If you do anything disobedient during those three songs we will continue for another three songs. Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes, sir.”

He turned on the iPod. The first song began playing and he began steadily paddling her bottom to the rhythm of the song. The first song was only about halfway through and she was already having an extremely hard time -- he noticed, but didn't say a word and certainly didn't lighten up any.

By the end of the first song he was pretty sure that she wasn't going to make it through this first set of three songs without moving. She was already sobbing and rubbing her feet together like she did every time that she felt the urge to kick. When they were about halfway through the second song, she broke and yelled “I am sorry, sir! Please, my ass is on fire!” and then she turned her butt to get out of the way of the hairbrush.

“Young lady, I will not tolerate you protesting like that, and I will certainly not tolerate you moving out of position. It looks like I have no choice but to finish out these three songs and then spank you through another three. Young lady, if you move any more, I will add another three songs to that.”

As he said that he had paused the song. “Now, young lady, please get back into position and stay there.”

Christy returned to her position, upset with herself for not being obedient. Yes, it did hurt, but it was supposed to hurt and if she had just behaved earlier in the day they wouldn't be here. Somehow, she managed to make it through the rest of her punishment without moving. When the last song ended, Brad delivered one more solid stroke to her bottom.

“Okay, young lady, please put back on your pants and panties.” She did as she was told as she wiped away the tears from her cheeks. They were once again on their way back to his place. Brad looked over as Christy tried to find a comfortable position. He smiled.


“Yeah, just fine,” she smiled at him, making a slight face. She still loved him even if he had just beaten her bottom so soundly that she couldn't find any comfortable sitting position. She was just happy not to have that wall between them anymore.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A Late Night Out

“Can you spank me now sir?” Katie whined. She had come home three hours later than she had told Trever she would last night. She knew that she should have called but she was having so much fun at the birthday party for an old college roommate, that she didn't want to leave. She had arrived home to find Trever sitting on the couch waiting for her. He looked furious, but the only thing he said was “Are you okay?”

Katie mumbled out a “Yes sir I am sorry for being late, but the party was just so much fun.” Trever wasn't interested in how much fun the party had been. He had just spent the last three hours wondering if something awful had happened to his wife. Now that she was home and knew that the only reason that she hadn't come home on time was because she was having to much fun, he was going to bed before he said or did something that he regretted. Katie knew that she had really upset him, it wasn't often that he didn't punish her right away. In fact the only other time that she can remember him doing this was when she had come home a little tipsy.

But now it was the next afternoon and he still hadn't punished her for coming home late. She had woken up that morning to a note that read:

Dear Katie,

I am extremely disappointed in you for not coming home at the time that we had both agreed on. You will be getting an extremely severe punishment later for this, I want you to know how it feels to wait. Last night I waited for three hours thinking that at any moment I was going to get a call from the police telling me that you had been in an accident. Don't pester me about getting this punishment over with, you are going to wait a long time before you get the severe spanking that you deserve.

Love your husband,


Then throughout the day Trever had whispered in her ear, your bottom is going to be on fire, and I hope you are ready for the cane because that is exactly what you are going to get. Each time that he did this Katie's stomach knotted up. She knew that her bottom was going to be in agony.

Each time that she pleaded with him to spank her he just said “It isn't fun waiting is it? I went through hell last night waiting for you.”

Later that night after Katie had finished the dinner dishes Trever came into the kitchen and said “You have waited long enough, go to the bedroom and lay out all of the implements on the bed in a nice neat row, then strip completely naked and wait in the corner. Katie's stomach did a somersault, this was going to be a very severe spanking if he was going to use all of the implements. She did as she was told and hurried upstairs to the master bedroom and did just as he had said.

Moments latter Trever entered the room and gently guided her from the corner to bed and had her bend over the end. Then without a word he began vigorously spanking her bottom with his hand then worked his way through each of the four paddles that they had in their collection. Her bottom was glowing bright red and she was begging him to stop, but he ignored her pleas and picked up the wide leather strap and whipped her bottom for several minutes. Until her pleas for him to stop turned to sobs. He then laid the strap aside and picked up the cane. “Okay young lady as I promised you are going to get the cane. If you take the dozen cane strokes that you have coming obediently then we will be done” With those words he slowly and forcefully delivered twelve perfectly aimed strokes to her already very sore bottom. After he was done he gave her a long hug and reminded her that he loved her and that she was forgiven. Then rubbed lotion on to her tender bottom until she had calmed down.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Paddled for Looking Sexy

You look very nice” he said as he caressed my upper thigh while we drove home from a nice evening out.

Thank-you sir, you look very nice yourself” I responded

Well, thank-you but I am allowed to look nice, you on the other hand are going to be punished for looking so sexy.”

Yes sir” I respond with a bright smile.

When we get home you are to go straight to the bedroom, strip and stand in the corner and wait for me. I am going to turn your ass bright red for looking as sexy as you do tonight.”

Yes sir” I respond thinking with a smile this is going to be a wonderful evening.

We arrived home and as ordered I went straight to the bedroom and stripped and then stood in the corner and waited for him to come to the bedroom as well. Soon enough he came into the room and sat down on the bed, I stayed in the corner until I heard him tell me to get all the paddles and the cane. I shuddered at the thought of the cane and prayed that the only reason he asked me to get it was for if I didn't behave during the erotic spanking. I got all the implements that he requested and placed them on the bed next to him.

Get your naught little ass over my lap right now young lady!”

silently I did as he ordered and bent my naked body over his lap, leaving my bottom high in the air and very vulnerable to whatever he had in mind. Once he had pinned my legs under one of his legs he began lightly handspanking my ass, gaining strength and speed with every swat. Pretty soon my ass was becoming sore and I knew that it had to be turning at least pink. Then he paused just for a moment I knew that he was reaching for a paddle, but I couldn't see which one he had decided on. OWWWWW no more guessing which one he had grabbed, it was the damn kitchen turner. It looks harmless, but it packs a pretty horrible bite. All I could think of while he was peppering my ass with a flurry of swats was stay still and don't wiggle it will only make it worse, but then he stepped up the force and speed and I thought how could it get any worse. Just as I thought that I was going to loose control he stopped and put the kitchen turner back with the other and grabbed another implement, I didn't care this time as long as he didn't grab the cane it wasn't going to be as bad as the kitchen turner. SMACK the hairbrush came down with and incredible amount of force on my already tender left cheek followed by a similar blow to my right cheek. This patterned continued for a little while before he changed to the ruler paddle and continued to do as he had promised and turn my ass bright red. Then he retired the ruler paddle and grabbed the last paddle in the pile the big paddle with holes, now this paddle packs a might punch and after only a few hard swats I am having a hard time holding my position, but I know better than to move that cane is still only inches away and can be swinging across my ass in no time at all.

Okay young lady your ass is bright red as I promised you it would be, you are going to get fifteen swats with this paddle across that naught red ass of yours, if you do anything besides just laying there and taking your punishment like a good little girl I will not hesitate giving you a few strokes with the cane. Do you understand me young lady?” He said the last part as he gave my hair a slight tug to make sure that he had my attention.

Yes sir, I promise to behave”

That's my good girl, now keep track in your head, if you loose track I will start over and give you a few strokes with the cane”

Yes sir” I say as I take a deep breath.

The first stroke falls and I know that this is going to be a long and hard paddling, but I am confident that I will be able to take it like a good little girl. One by one they fall across my upturned ass and I continue to just lay there focusing on the count, there is no way that I am losing track.

Young lady you are doing very well, how many swats do you have left?”

Three strokes sir” I say very confidently

Good job, young lady, these last three strokes are going to be very hard, be a good girl and take them.”

Yes sir.” I say thinking to myself, WHAT!! I thought that the last 12 strokes have been hard enough!

The last three strokes fell across my ass just has he said they would with so much force that each one took my breath away.

Good job, we are done, except that I think that I need to take care of one other thing”

I turn over on to my back.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

New Security Plan

Jeff was the owner of a large department store in downtown Chicago. His store's profits each year were fairly good, but they could be better if he could somehow curb the shoplifting. He had tried everything he could think of to control it, but nothing seem to work. So during a staff meeting he asked for everyone to write down their suggestion for what the store could do to control the shoplifting problem. At the end of the meeting each staff member anonymously dropped their suggestion into a wooden box as they left the meeting room.

Jeff poured over the suggestions for the next few days. Most of them were the same, adding more security officers, or using better security tags. While they were good suggestions they would require a large sum of money each year. There was one suggestion though that he though was rather funny, but just might work. One of the papers had said “Post signs that say that all shoplifters will be spanked.” He thought back to his childhood, he had only been spanked a handful of times and was always trying to avoid them at all costs. His dad had used a sturdy leather belt to correct the bad behavior of him and his two older brothers.

So within the week he had signs made and hung all around the store that read: “Shoplifting will not be tolerated. All shoplifters will be spanked.” The local media got wind of the new security methods being employed at Jeff's store and soon there were reporters at his store asking if he was serious and for the details of the spanking. He told each of the reporters that he was serious and the spanking would include several strokes of a solid oak paddle and a leather strap. They asked if he was also planning on contacting the police after the spanking was administered. He replied that he thought that the spanking would be enough of a lesson and as long as they took their spanking there would be no reason to call the police and file official charges.

On the first day of this new security plan only one person was caught shoplifting and as Jeff had promised they were escorted to a back room and given a severe paddling and dose of the leather strap. When the news media got wind that the first person had been spanked they interviewed the teenage girl and she the reporters that she had indeed been spanked severely and that she was never going to shoplift from that store again.

Jeff thought his plan had worked and hoped that people had seen the reports on national news reports and in newspapers and that they would think twice about whether shoplifting from his store was really worth it. The next day though to Jeff's surprise there were 10 people caught shoplifting that was more than they had ever had in a single day. Jeff didn't back down from his plan to spank each shoplifter and so each of them were given a severe spanking. The following day was Saturday usually the worst day for shoplifting and to is amazement 50 people were caught shoplifting. He read through some of the reports and noticed that about 95% of them had just picked up an item when they were standing right next to an employee and had made sure before they concealed the item that the employee was looking. He was shocked, it was almost as if they wanted to be caught. Sunday there were 200 people caught shoplifting Jeff was dumbfounded so he started interviewing each shoplifter after they had been spanked. Almost every person told him the same thing when asked why they had stolen merchandise from his store, “I love to be spanked and this is way easier than trying to find someone to do it.” Some people had even told him that they had traveled from several states away to get a spanking. Jeff hadn't realized that there was a whole community of people that loved getting spanked. After a week more of this security plan to the dismay of the spanking community Jeff decided to go back to more traditional methods of security.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Saturday Morning

Amber and Clay walked out of their first floor apartment into the bright warm August morning. It was their tradition for the nine months that they had been dating every Saturday morning they picked a local restaurant to have a nice big breakfast at. Most Saturday mornings they woke up around 8 and would lie in bed talking until around 9, but this morning was different. Amber had definitely woken up on the wrong side of the bed. Clay had already warned her if she didn't get her act together there was only one way this was going to end. Amber knew what that meant, she would be face down over his lap. She had decided that she was going to try to avoid that and had been cordial as they got showered and dressed and headed out to breakfast. As they got into the car Clay realized that he had forgotten to grab the newspaper that was laying on the welcome mat. Since he was already in the car he with a smile asked “Hey honey could you grab the newspaper for me?”

“If you wanted the newspaper you should have gotten it while we were heading out the door, you stepped right over it.” Amber huffed as she walked the ten feet back to the door apartment. As she reached down to pick up the newspaper she felt a strong arm grabbing hers she swung around to see Clay. He unlocked the apartment door and led her inside.

“I will not tolerate you talking to me that way.” he said in his I mean business tone as he led her to the bedroom. “I warned you this morning, but I guess you had to push me just a little bit more. Stand in the corner young lady and think about why you said what you said and how disrespectful that was.”

“Yes sir I am sorry” Amber said with her nose pressed firmly into the corner. She could hear Clay rummaging through the collection of spanking implements that were kept in the closet. Her stomach tightened as she heard him open the long shipping tube that the cane was stored in. She knew that she deserved the cane, but was hoping that he wouldn't think so.

“Are you ready to take your punishment young lady?”

“Yes sir”

“Good, please turn around and come over here.” Clay said as he sat down on the edge of the bed. When Amber was in front of him he undid her jeans and slid them down then he pulled down her blue cotton panties obediently she stepped out of both of them. Clay then motioned for her to position herself over the side of the bed with her hips elevated by a couple of pillows. Her spanking started immediately he started firmly warming her up with his hand. Then he grabbed the paddle and with firm rhythmical strokes turned her bottom from a soft pink hue to a deep crimson. She was crying hard into the bed. He gave her a brief reprieve as he put the paddle away and picked up the cane. “We are almost done, but because this is the second spanking this week for that tongue of yours I think that a few strokes with the can are in order. I am going to give you six strokes with the cane. If you remain in position and take them obediently then we will be done.” As he let the last word out he raised the cane and brought it down in the exact center of her bottom. A white line appeared immediately then quickly turned red. Then he brought down the cane just above the first stroke, the third stroke was just below the first and then the last three criss crossed the first three. Amber to his pleasure had stayed in position and taken the whole punishment like a submissive woman should. Clay bent down on the bed and gently rubbed Ambers bottom while kissing her passionately and telling her that she once again was his good little girl and all was forgiven.

As one can imagine by the time that they were ready to leave the apartment again it was lunchtime, and Amber asked to go to a restaurant that had very comfortable seats.