Friday, August 17, 2007

Drivers License

Laura get your ass down here right now!” Mark barked from downstairs.

Laura scrambled to her feet, not sure exactly what she had done to cause him to scream like that, but whatever it was it was pretty bad, and she didn't want to make it any worse by taking her time getting downstairs. As she neared the bottom of the stairs she could see that he already had his belt off, her mind raced it had been months since he had used his belt on her. He tended to reserve that only for very serious offenses.

“Yes sir you wanted to see me?” She said as innocently as she could with him standing there with his belt already doubled and ready to punish her ass. Her mind was still spinning trying to think of what she had done to piss him off this much. She honestly had been trying her hardest to be a very good girl and so far had been very successful, her last real big punishment had been at least two months ago when she had gotten a speeding ticket. FYI going 90 in a 70 is not a good idea if you want to be able to sit comfortably. She knew that she hadn't been speeding and she didn't think that she had forgotten to do something that he had asked her to do, so why was he standing at the bottom of the stairs with his belt ready to punish her?

“Based on your tone I can see that you have no idea why you are about to have a very sore ass. Please get me your drivers license.”

This made her even more puzzled and concerned, Why did he want her license? When she had been punished before for speeding he warned her that if she ever did anything like this again he would not only give her a punishment that would make her wish that she didn't have an ass, but he would also take her license away for a period of time. She knew though for a fact that she hadn't sped at all in the last few months, she had been using her cruise control to make sure that she didn't loose track of her speed. Then as she dug in her wallet she realized exactly why she was going to have a very sore ass, her license wasn't in her wallet she had taken it out yesterday and placed it in the pocket of her jeans along with her credit card when she went shopping the other day to avoiding carrying her heavy purse all day. Unfortunately that had meant that this morning when she ran to the Post office to mail a few letters she hadn't had her license with her.

“It isn't there is it?” Mark said standing right behind her.

“No sir it isn't, it is in my jeans that I was wearing yesterday” She admitted.

“Correct, I found it when I was doing laundry, please go to the bedroom and get ready for your spanking” He said as he gave her a slight hug that told her he still loved her and really didn't enjoy what he was about to do.

Without a word she turned and walked up the stairs to the bedroom. It felt like an eternity waiting in the corner completely naked thinking about just how sore her ass was about to be and how much she had let him down. Then she heard the slight squeak of the door as he entered the room “Young lady, please bend over the bed and make yourself comfortable we are going to be here awhile.”

Silently she followed his command although there was really no way to be comfortable knowing that in just a matter of moments her ass was going to be on fire and that for the next few days the dull pain every time that she sat was going to remind her of this moment.

“Okay young lady tell me why we are here.”

“We are here because I drove without my license sir”

“Correct, now I am not going to lecture you through this punishment, you have been punished for this before and lectured about this before, the only thing that you need right now is to have your ass turned bright red. I expect you to take this like an obedient girl, ANY form of disrespect will add additional cane strokes to the 12 that you already have coming.” With that he started handspanking her firmly and rhythmically alternating between the two cheeks. Then when he felt she had been sufficiently warmed up he picked up the hairbrush and continued his rhythmic pattern. After what seemed like an eternity he moved on to the ruler and with each stroke he punished both cheeks. By this time she was in tears, and it was becoming increasingly harder to remain still but she did, not wanting to add any more cane strokes. He then picked up the final paddle, the big paddle with holes, and continued to punish both cheeks with each stroke just as he had done with the ruler. Each stroke hurt worse than the one that had preceded it and just at the moment that she thought she was going to kick he put down the paddle and picked up the hairbrush again. Wait a second she thought, what is he doing, I already got a very good dose of that paddle, you are supposed to move on to the belt now and then the cane, that is how it always goes. Then the paddle fell on her right sit spot and then the left, then the right thigh and then the left. He continued this pattern for a while before retiring the hairbrush and picking up the ruler and then the big paddle to continue this pattern. She was in tears, true remorseful tears by the time that he was about to start the belt and he was confident that the belt and cane would only solidify it even more in her mind that he never wanted to be in this position again. When he was finished tanning her bottom with the belt and peppering it with the cane her backside was as red as her car from the top of her bottom to the center of her thighs and he knew that this would be the last time he would have to punish her for this.


Anonymous said...

that's stupid to do that to her for that reason

Anonymous said...

That is a great story. To the guy above, they have a dd relationship, so it is what they both want.