Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A Late Night Out

“Can you spank me now sir?” Katie whined. She had come home three hours later than she had told Trever she would last night. She knew that she should have called but she was having so much fun at the birthday party for an old college roommate, that she didn't want to leave. She had arrived home to find Trever sitting on the couch waiting for her. He looked furious, but the only thing he said was “Are you okay?”

Katie mumbled out a “Yes sir I am sorry for being late, but the party was just so much fun.” Trever wasn't interested in how much fun the party had been. He had just spent the last three hours wondering if something awful had happened to his wife. Now that she was home and knew that the only reason that she hadn't come home on time was because she was having to much fun, he was going to bed before he said or did something that he regretted. Katie knew that she had really upset him, it wasn't often that he didn't punish her right away. In fact the only other time that she can remember him doing this was when she had come home a little tipsy.

But now it was the next afternoon and he still hadn't punished her for coming home late. She had woken up that morning to a note that read:

Dear Katie,

I am extremely disappointed in you for not coming home at the time that we had both agreed on. You will be getting an extremely severe punishment later for this, I want you to know how it feels to wait. Last night I waited for three hours thinking that at any moment I was going to get a call from the police telling me that you had been in an accident. Don't pester me about getting this punishment over with, you are going to wait a long time before you get the severe spanking that you deserve.

Love your husband,


Then throughout the day Trever had whispered in her ear, your bottom is going to be on fire, and I hope you are ready for the cane because that is exactly what you are going to get. Each time that he did this Katie's stomach knotted up. She knew that her bottom was going to be in agony.

Each time that she pleaded with him to spank her he just said “It isn't fun waiting is it? I went through hell last night waiting for you.”

Later that night after Katie had finished the dinner dishes Trever came into the kitchen and said “You have waited long enough, go to the bedroom and lay out all of the implements on the bed in a nice neat row, then strip completely naked and wait in the corner. Katie's stomach did a somersault, this was going to be a very severe spanking if he was going to use all of the implements. She did as she was told and hurried upstairs to the master bedroom and did just as he had said.

Moments latter Trever entered the room and gently guided her from the corner to bed and had her bend over the end. Then without a word he began vigorously spanking her bottom with his hand then worked his way through each of the four paddles that they had in their collection. Her bottom was glowing bright red and she was begging him to stop, but he ignored her pleas and picked up the wide leather strap and whipped her bottom for several minutes. Until her pleas for him to stop turned to sobs. He then laid the strap aside and picked up the cane. “Okay young lady as I promised you are going to get the cane. If you take the dozen cane strokes that you have coming obediently then we will be done” With those words he slowly and forcefully delivered twelve perfectly aimed strokes to her already very sore bottom. After he was done he gave her a long hug and reminded her that he loved her and that she was forgiven. Then rubbed lotion on to her tender bottom until she had calmed down.


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