Thursday, August 16, 2007

Naughty Stories

I thought that this was a great story to start a spanking story blog with.

Andrea smiled as she sent her e-mail off through the tubes that make up the internet. I have a feeling that he is really going to enjoy that one she thought to herself as she sat back on the couch.

“Young lady! Go to the bedroom, if this e-mail is what I think it is your ass is about to become extremely red and sore.” Eric shouted from the back bedroom.

Andrea smiled as she got up from the couch and headed toward the bedroom.

“Young lady you better be naked by the time that I get in there, this is a very naughty e-mail and you are going to be punished severely for sending me such filth.” Eric shouted in a very serious tone. Andrea began to strip knowing full well that Eric was enjoying her story. “Oh, you better be in the corner, that ass of yours is in a lot of trouble” Andrea smiled at that thought and turned to face the corner. Thinking to herself that it might be even more fun if he came in and she wasn't in the corner. But she thought this may not be the right time for that since from the sound of his tone her ass was already in for quite a punishment. Andrea stood staring at how nicely the two walls came together, and wondered if when the builders put together this wall they ever thought naughty little girls would be staring at it waiting for what seemed like an eternity for a spanking that they knew that deserved. Probably not because if they had they may have given her a little more to look at.

“Young lady, that was a very naughty story” Eric said interrupting her thoughts about how boring the corner was, “I hope that you used this time to think about how naught you have been and what I am going to do about that.”

“Not exactly sir” Andrea admitted, smiling at him as he looked a little shocked at her comment.

“What were you thinking about then?” he asked a little curious as to what she had been thinking about.

“Well, I was just thinking about how the builders should have made corners more exciting, but they probably didn't think that a naughty girl would be staring at it waiting for her spankings”

“So you were bored standing here in the corner?” He said looking at her with an expression that told her she better answer this question carefully but honestly.

“Well, I wouldn't say I was bored, just allowing my mind to wander” she carefully and honestly responded.

“Well I will make sure that I have your attention the entire time that I turn that ass of yours bright red” He promised as he gave her a sweet and soft kiss. “Bend over the bed young lady, I can't wait to start showing you what happens to naughty little girls that write naughty, filthy stories and then have the nerve to send it to their boyfriend.” He said as he pushed her down face first onto the bed.

A tingle went up Andrea's spine she loved it when Eric got rough.

“Okay young lady you are about to receive a very hard spanking on your bottom, sit spots and thighs” he said as he delivered a solid smack to each area as he named it off. Then he silently continued to handspank her making sure that he equally covered both cheeks, sit spots and thighs just as he had promised. Then he stopped and went to the dresser where he kept all the implements, Andrea looked up to see which implements he was going to choose. He grabbed the big paddle with holes and the hairbrush and then returned his attention back to her bottom. Andrea put her head back into the bed relived that he hadn't decided to use the kitchen turner.

As if he could read her mind he said “I am sure you are glad that I didn't grab the kitchen turner, but don't think that means that I your bottom isn't going to be on fire by the time that I am done with you” He said as he pulled her hair. With those words he began to smack her bottom fast and steady with the hairbrush and just as he had promised he made sure that he didn't miss a single inch of her backside, although each time that the paddle landed on her tender sit spots or thighs Andrea wished that he would forget his promise. As soon as he was satisfied that she had learned quite a lesson with the hairbrush he laid it aside and picked up the big paddle with holes. He placed the paddle against her bottom “Now young lady the hairbrush was just a warm up for what I have in store for you” Then he raised the paddle and brought it down firmly on both cheeks. Andrea let out a small groan. “Oh we are just getting started, if you think that was hard to take you haven't seen anything yet, I would recommend that you take this spanking like a good girl”

“Yes sir” Andrea said as she tried to hide the fact that she was smiling. She loves it when he lectures her and tells her that her spanking is going to be extremely hard. Then the paddle came down again and again, once again he stuck to his promise and covered her entire bottom, sit spot and upper thighs. With every stroke that landed below her bottom she found it harder and harder to be a good girl. Finally he paused, but she knew that it couldn't be over yet he always have her harder strokes at the end. “Now young lady we are almost done, I think you need 10 more strokes across your naughty backside, you have been a very good girl so far, please continue that behavior through these last 10 strokes and these will be the last 10.”

Andrea was so thrilled that he was only going to give her 10 lately he had been stuck on 15. Then the first stroke fell across the middle of the cheeks, that was the last stroke that fell across her bottom the second one fell across her sit spot and then the final eight fell across her thighs. Andrea now wished that he had just stuck with the 15 where none had landed below her cheeks.

“Very good, young lady you have been very thoroughly punished for writing those naughty stories.” Andrea smiled as she looked over at Eric, he was striping and she knew that could only mean one thing.


Will said...

So that how you begin writing naughty stories!..

..Oh, Erin, you are absolutely something to cherish.

Your bottom should be red, always!



Anonymous said...

These types of stories turn me on like carzy!!!

Anonymous said...

If I were Eric, I would've used the kitchen turner then tawse then belt, then cane, then switch, then paddle then hand, then hairbrush then switch and finish off with hands! If he's real tell him that. And make sure he does 80 strokes each time!

Anonymous said...

a bit harsh 80 storks each time seems intense

squiter said...

they ha
d sex now im wet

Anonymous said...

Damn nice story. I remember being punished with a belt when my ex was mad. Then after awhile he wouldnt do nothing. I got away with everything