Thursday, August 23, 2007

New Security Plan

Jeff was the owner of a large department store in downtown Chicago. His store's profits each year were fairly good, but they could be better if he could somehow curb the shoplifting. He had tried everything he could think of to control it, but nothing seem to work. So during a staff meeting he asked for everyone to write down their suggestion for what the store could do to control the shoplifting problem. At the end of the meeting each staff member anonymously dropped their suggestion into a wooden box as they left the meeting room.

Jeff poured over the suggestions for the next few days. Most of them were the same, adding more security officers, or using better security tags. While they were good suggestions they would require a large sum of money each year. There was one suggestion though that he though was rather funny, but just might work. One of the papers had said “Post signs that say that all shoplifters will be spanked.” He thought back to his childhood, he had only been spanked a handful of times and was always trying to avoid them at all costs. His dad had used a sturdy leather belt to correct the bad behavior of him and his two older brothers.

So within the week he had signs made and hung all around the store that read: “Shoplifting will not be tolerated. All shoplifters will be spanked.” The local media got wind of the new security methods being employed at Jeff's store and soon there were reporters at his store asking if he was serious and for the details of the spanking. He told each of the reporters that he was serious and the spanking would include several strokes of a solid oak paddle and a leather strap. They asked if he was also planning on contacting the police after the spanking was administered. He replied that he thought that the spanking would be enough of a lesson and as long as they took their spanking there would be no reason to call the police and file official charges.

On the first day of this new security plan only one person was caught shoplifting and as Jeff had promised they were escorted to a back room and given a severe paddling and dose of the leather strap. When the news media got wind that the first person had been spanked they interviewed the teenage girl and she the reporters that she had indeed been spanked severely and that she was never going to shoplift from that store again.

Jeff thought his plan had worked and hoped that people had seen the reports on national news reports and in newspapers and that they would think twice about whether shoplifting from his store was really worth it. The next day though to Jeff's surprise there were 10 people caught shoplifting that was more than they had ever had in a single day. Jeff didn't back down from his plan to spank each shoplifter and so each of them were given a severe spanking. The following day was Saturday usually the worst day for shoplifting and to is amazement 50 people were caught shoplifting. He read through some of the reports and noticed that about 95% of them had just picked up an item when they were standing right next to an employee and had made sure before they concealed the item that the employee was looking. He was shocked, it was almost as if they wanted to be caught. Sunday there were 200 people caught shoplifting Jeff was dumbfounded so he started interviewing each shoplifter after they had been spanked. Almost every person told him the same thing when asked why they had stolen merchandise from his store, “I love to be spanked and this is way easier than trying to find someone to do it.” Some people had even told him that they had traveled from several states away to get a spanking. Jeff hadn't realized that there was a whole community of people that loved getting spanked. After a week more of this security plan to the dismay of the spanking community Jeff decided to go back to more traditional methods of security.


yenz said...

I liked your story so much that I think it deserves a comment.
You must write a sequel to the story. A clever businessman like Jeff would surely realize that here is a chance to reach a different type of customers if he offered a new service. Think of the advertisments: "Pay for five and get six of the best" or "Remember mother's day, buy her a pass that gives her four treatment in our special parlour".

sixofthebest said...

I wish I was Jeff and owned that store. I certainly would have a 'spanking good' time, paddling those naughty female bottoms. Up would go their skirts, or dresses, down would come those, panties, knickers, and bloomers, and with the hand, paddle, hairbrush, birch, or cane. Those naughty female shoplifters would feel those painful spanking implements on their bare bottoms.