Saturday, August 25, 2007

Paddled for Looking Sexy

You look very nice” he said as he caressed my upper thigh while we drove home from a nice evening out.

Thank-you sir, you look very nice yourself” I responded

Well, thank-you but I am allowed to look nice, you on the other hand are going to be punished for looking so sexy.”

Yes sir” I respond with a bright smile.

When we get home you are to go straight to the bedroom, strip and stand in the corner and wait for me. I am going to turn your ass bright red for looking as sexy as you do tonight.”

Yes sir” I respond thinking with a smile this is going to be a wonderful evening.

We arrived home and as ordered I went straight to the bedroom and stripped and then stood in the corner and waited for him to come to the bedroom as well. Soon enough he came into the room and sat down on the bed, I stayed in the corner until I heard him tell me to get all the paddles and the cane. I shuddered at the thought of the cane and prayed that the only reason he asked me to get it was for if I didn't behave during the erotic spanking. I got all the implements that he requested and placed them on the bed next to him.

Get your naught little ass over my lap right now young lady!”

silently I did as he ordered and bent my naked body over his lap, leaving my bottom high in the air and very vulnerable to whatever he had in mind. Once he had pinned my legs under one of his legs he began lightly handspanking my ass, gaining strength and speed with every swat. Pretty soon my ass was becoming sore and I knew that it had to be turning at least pink. Then he paused just for a moment I knew that he was reaching for a paddle, but I couldn't see which one he had decided on. OWWWWW no more guessing which one he had grabbed, it was the damn kitchen turner. It looks harmless, but it packs a pretty horrible bite. All I could think of while he was peppering my ass with a flurry of swats was stay still and don't wiggle it will only make it worse, but then he stepped up the force and speed and I thought how could it get any worse. Just as I thought that I was going to loose control he stopped and put the kitchen turner back with the other and grabbed another implement, I didn't care this time as long as he didn't grab the cane it wasn't going to be as bad as the kitchen turner. SMACK the hairbrush came down with and incredible amount of force on my already tender left cheek followed by a similar blow to my right cheek. This patterned continued for a little while before he changed to the ruler paddle and continued to do as he had promised and turn my ass bright red. Then he retired the ruler paddle and grabbed the last paddle in the pile the big paddle with holes, now this paddle packs a might punch and after only a few hard swats I am having a hard time holding my position, but I know better than to move that cane is still only inches away and can be swinging across my ass in no time at all.

Okay young lady your ass is bright red as I promised you it would be, you are going to get fifteen swats with this paddle across that naught red ass of yours, if you do anything besides just laying there and taking your punishment like a good little girl I will not hesitate giving you a few strokes with the cane. Do you understand me young lady?” He said the last part as he gave my hair a slight tug to make sure that he had my attention.

Yes sir, I promise to behave”

That's my good girl, now keep track in your head, if you loose track I will start over and give you a few strokes with the cane”

Yes sir” I say as I take a deep breath.

The first stroke falls and I know that this is going to be a long and hard paddling, but I am confident that I will be able to take it like a good little girl. One by one they fall across my upturned ass and I continue to just lay there focusing on the count, there is no way that I am losing track.

Young lady you are doing very well, how many swats do you have left?”

Three strokes sir” I say very confidently

Good job, young lady, these last three strokes are going to be very hard, be a good girl and take them.”

Yes sir.” I say thinking to myself, WHAT!! I thought that the last 12 strokes have been hard enough!

The last three strokes fell across my ass just has he said they would with so much force that each one took my breath away.

Good job, we are done, except that I think that I need to take care of one other thing”

I turn over on to my back.

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